the ears of grass

Drum of raindropsSplash, rat-a-tat rapidThe tatto small feet beatOn the tin roof, escaping. Your silence coversThe past and eternitiesWhole layers of magmaWaiting to ventCreating new continents Do raindrops make noiseIf the grass has no ears?The falling leaves twirlA rustling descant. Your eyes expressThe mountains fallingInto the seas, risingTsunamis of painCatastrophically closeTo where the heart is. […]

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of gods and cats

He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him. He came to what was his own, and his own people did not accept him. But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who […]

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My plot is laid outNaked, undergroundWhere the roots areWhere you sometimes stopOver your shovel, restingFrom labours of love.Or loving the labours thatBring home the apples,carrots and silencesFor a late-night salad.Twisting the story-line, i lieNeverendingly narratedBy flashbacks of what maybe wasJust an instrument to rakeThe dead leaves on the pathWe did not take.

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when years pass, and still

my child,i hardly know where our paths crossed.or did they? i forgetthe careful feeding, the hourscounted by much alarm,till the clock was my blood forever.that fear of losing you,doing something wrong, thetoo much responsibility and no response,only your toothless grin.your young weight on my arms,the summers of learning to walk, and to loveand many, many […]

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to the wind

The wind was kind todayIt brought scraps of friedPotatoes and pork andRagged pieces of boom-boom musicWhile the chaffinch roaredAbout his love and sunshine to beWithin the next four hours.Today the wind was kindBringing fresh breaths of acacia,Dying lilac and chestnut petals,And a promise of something jasmineOr freshly drying grass very green.The children of starlings in […]

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As the cherries blossomAnd the apple trees,And the nightingale unsleeps,The chatter of gulls grows more earlyAnd the cats yowl higher in branches,My heart wondersWhere you’ve goneWhyThe bitter fragrance of the bird-cherries Brings me cold,Unbreakable from my memory,And why I longFor the black, tart berriesTo put in my sourdough bread.I disagree with the blackbirdWhen he announces […]

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chiling out

capture thembetween your thumb and forefingerroll carefully,not breaking the skinto loosen the insides thenremove the stemand slap them on to the boardpress firmly, keep themflat and unmoving,andusing you preferred weapon(I myself use santoku)slice their long conical bodies opento remove their potentialor leave the flat dangerous seedswith the bodywhich you will sliceand diceand toss into your […]

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Darker, then sideways

Darker, then sideways The blackbird takes up the Last Post at twilight Blasting the emerging treeline Agreeing to dusk. On Mondays, and also left Only the brave know the layout of mind-numbing fear And question, and quest Till there is a map. Diagonally, then ash Starlings compete in casual forms attracting Wives and attention of […]

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Essentially so

Should i apologizefor the tears that burn behind my eyes,when the dreams bringstrange screams to the surfacelike bloated corpses floatingup against the inches-thick ice in a lake, clickingtheir blunted fingers underneaththe roughness, not waiting tillit would get warmer, to befree of the confines, to let thingsGo. Should i apologizefor the tears and silencein my eyes, […]

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Just about now in the year

Dear Mother, When you were alive, you had a flare for languages. So I hope you now know all of them and can read this. In the language of my heart. The thing is, I miss you. I am not good at talking about this, just like you were, so we are the same here, […]

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flowery language

let’s walk a camomile, you and I,avoiding violets, trying onfoxgloves, listening to bluebells. and when we cowslip, let’s nettlethe random memories daisy;then knapweed a little. and grinding cornflower, wemight mullein the good gracesand accept a buttercup,meadowsweetened for those who primrose. our loosestrife might campionthe burnet times beyondand we’d selfheal, thyme moving ontill we grow sage […]

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five and twenty

there are moments when i wonder if anyone has ever tried doing a CDA of the texts of the Christmas songs. or how the theology of Christmas songs has changed. Because some of the texts are so sweet they make me sick. and others are not about Christmas. no, I do not have a Christmas […]

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moths have blind eyes printed on their wings quietly rustling grey on brown spreading spooky whispers in the shadows growing longer among the shrouds of mist a shade more a shade less a dance weaving in and out of forgetfulness



winter solstice. the sun goes to the underside of the flat earth, and we wonder if it will come out again. the bottom of the flat earth is tremendously sticky.

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let’s build a tent from the laundry rack, let’s build chess-men armies and attack the stuffed toys with marbles. we can have little Lego mountains to scale and cook griddle-cakes on a makeshift fire with green-peas. let us travel out to somewhere west of the map and draw two moons in the sky and be […]

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one feather fluttered, weightless to the basement of the world the unnoticed looked at the non-existent, to- gether they gathered the fluff without containers the bird of heaven warped in the cold shrugged and flew on another down feather precipitated, carried by wind and gravity down, a-down, a-downity-down to the invisible people at the basement […]

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an image of the fragrance of oregano, as i dream neverending pasta dreams, meat conspicuously absent, dragging with strings of cheese attached to spicy memories coughed up like too much anise or liquorice, sickly sweet, with a tinge of balsamic vinegar in their wake bitter recollections, reeking of things half-forgotten, intensely unforgiven and cold, cold […]

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Χαίρετε ἐν κυρίῳ πάντοτε (Phil. 4:4a) Gaudete in Domino semper (Vulgate) Joy ye in the Lord evermore (Wycliffe) Celebrate God all day, every day (The Message) There.

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i thought of posting a single word today. but maybe i’ll leave that word for tomorrow. today i guess is time to consider something much disputed in this town recently. family values. No. Traditional Family Values. we have been recently reminded (please, look at some of the slogans) that there is such a thing as […]

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we who exist in the linear time: how are we the same, how do we differ from the time-spaces before and after us?

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