not a day

gentlyput your commaswhere my pausesemergei’ll recordall your snoresin my sleepless nightsas i watchthe moongo fatand shrinkregardlessof what you thinksyntaxwill crackas we playword-buildingsingingpenguinarhh-arhhin love quietly

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Vot tā

Zinkā…Es būšu burtciparzīmju kopaUn Tu mani ieslēgsiFigūriekavās. Un mēs tā nestriktiKonstruēsim loģikuNevienādībās. Nāc, iekļaujies manāElementu tabulāRakstzīmēs. Jo cits jau tur nebūs tāds,Tikai mēs.

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I am invisible

A real life conversation ME (to the tech guy): I think that the air pressure in the room is lower than the air pressure in the corridor because I cannot open the door in the direction of the corridor.TECH GUY: cannot be. (tries the door) Oh the air pressure in the corridor is higher than […]

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And Apple blossoms

I’ll hide in plain sightBy the aroma of coffee and milkMuffled sounds of concrete lorries going backwardAnd apple blossoms You’ll rustle in reedsSwish like the north wind gone totally madAll over the un-navigable broken asphaltAnd apple blossoms Thus we’ll hide and seekIn a temporal infinity danceWatched by small, formal birds singing of building nestsAnd apple […]

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Not in green ink*

Because all love is madness,Come, let’s go star-fishingWith the hearts torn open for baitAnd nets woven from nekkid nervesAnd eyes that see all, for the floats. Let us inherit darkness,Hydrate a desert of parched thoughtsAnd for a moment, plant hope. As all love must hurt,We will navigate by touch,Capture fleeting momentsAnd laugh out loudTill we […]

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What forest allows

Pull outAll the guns, chargeyour inner vibeAnd come, play hide-and-seekIn the forests of my dreams We will build cooking firesRequiring not much wood, fallencones will do, over stonesIn silly pits and fallsof how memories go Or maybe the silenceDestroys the confidencelike hammer hits glass?How can I sing a love songIn this unspoken land? I warmMy […]

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Think how residual lightTransforms your featuresSoft lines, sharp shadowsAnd darkness we travel throughWithout a single scrap to guide us. I remember your stepsSoft or soggy from rainLeaving dents in the sandWhen it ripples like the thoughtsAlways out, seldom staying. Was that dream? When you cameLooked from that distance, smiledAnd slowly dissolved in the lightResidual, changing […]

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The skin was thick.The little knife sharp and attentive.Your hand closed in. Claws cut holes in the bodySweet blood flowedCoagulating in patches First, to find the middle line.Then carefully trace the stone.Cover the perimeter. Ruptured, the body layExposed to the ravenousYellow, with a tinge of pine Then go in, in with the knife.Yes, you can […]

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A toast

I had all my life to learn from you, and I failed. Now the path is my own. Cheers to that. [picture of the glass of vodka not included]

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Fourth Candle: sometimes love

I will repost this from an earlier page. It is almost Christmas, and we have to talk of love as a sacrificial offering. Not sure any other story does it better. Sorry for no fluff or sugary icing. Love hurts. ( Bendes meitiņa) There was a hangman, and he had a daughter. He did what […]

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Fourth candle: Distant past*

In the distant past, a few thousands of years ago, a man travelled with his wife. She was heavily pregnant. They had had dreams and revelations, and now those were about to become true. In the distant past, a few thousands of years ago, three magi were on their way to a marginal spot in […]

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Third Candle: Among us

Let all the people of Jerusalem shout his praise with joy!For great is the Holy One of Israel who lives among you.” (6) The holy among us, in our life. What is holy in a world minus the sacral?What could be absolute in a world of personal preferences? Does our current official culture of delegation […]

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Third candle: Praise*

Icicles dripping.And painkillers for breakfast.I drum out meters. The life of a fireflyNameless, in the pitch-black sky. _________________ *A tanka in the times of melting Thank the Lord! Praise his name!

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Third candle: Joy

With joy you will drink deeplyfrom the fountain of salvation! (3) These days, joy is in short supply. The days are dark. The nights are not so dark because the snow reflects residual light, giving the world of shadows another place to play. The winter solstice sticks the sun somewhere really really far and cold […]

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Third candle: trust

See, God has come to save me.I will trust in him and not be afraid. Isa 12:2-6 The direction is away from the self. The direction is towards the others in similar situation, sadness, grief, abandon.This is a conclusion to be testified to, news to be shared. The perfect tense has made God’s work perfect.It […]

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