Looking at the stars

Today the city sky was unnatural spring blue. White clouds ran thru the windy firmament, looking like young  lambs on a tirquise meadow. [how banal this text does sound, with the trite metaphors and all that]

I like latvians. Especially their preparations for festivals. And, most of all – their necrofiliac behaviour during the festivals. Now the State Foundation Day is coming again, and may I make a bet of what the most topical theme of discussionwill be ? Have a guess. Will it be Independence? No. Will everyone have fun and play and eat a lot and get drunk merrily? No, no, NO! Will they talk of those dead in Siberia and during the WWII, and under any other occupation? YESSSSS! Thats the lucky guess.

Having made a comparative analysis of the red-letter days and memorial days in Latvian calendar, I came to the conclusion that nearly half of them are dedicated to commemoration of some kind of national destruction in some way or another: starting from all sorts of genocides, and ending with the Commemoration Days for the dead that are particular for every region of the country. The question is, when are the latvians having fun? Should they, at all? Maybe this explains why i feel guilty when having fun on national holidays instead of mourning those dead upon some occasion.

Thus, in the coming three days, I will go home and go to the forest, and make some shelter and fire, and fry some meat and something else, and eat and drink and have fun. No commemoration and no mourning. I will make sure not to listen to radio or watch the TV. This will protect my psyche.

And yes, Good Luckk to the necrofiliacs – the true latvianz.

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