And so what?

Last Tuesday, my brother died.

In the hospital, intensive care, after a successful operation on his broken skull.
If his arms and ribs and legs were not broken, he might have lived. This way, his heart did not cope.

I have a feeling that the last week has been a blurred run into nowhere. Offices and more offices, and the morgue. preparations for the funeral. relatives. all that mess. Mother in tears. Brother unaccountable.

Etc etc.

I just would like to look that man in the eye. Just to see that person who could run him over, then stop and pick up the number plate and then leave. What kind of human that can be?

The emptiness is so strange.

On the other hand. We have so many friends. So many people who did not only the possible, but also the impossible. So many people that are now as close as the family. And sometimes closer. We have been blessed with them, indeed.

Most probably, I will compose a poem one day. maybe not. It all is words only.

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