Three things.
First: summer is over and i return to blogging.
Second: summer is over, and the world acquires colour. The green turns to all shades of yellow and brown. The rains come, bringing mushrooms with them. Mushrooms bring people out, into forests, where they compete with wild animals in finding, gathering and in some cases, consuming the primitive forms of life.
Third: i have survived my birthday with minimum losses. Now, away from relatives and alone, i even start feeling like an alien i actually am. My own self. The bracken lights my way to the impartial observation of life on earth i am used to.
And then of course is the congregation and all that stuff comes with autumn like Uni, teaching, late evenings and early mornings, sleepless world and Alpha course.
Yes. We have started to prepare for an alpha course in our church. The decision took some 10 years and a lot of prayer. So… God giveth things in his own time.
I just wish the translations of the course books were not that bad. This is one thing is hard for me to get: why do people have to praise God wit bad or poor translations. Or at least unedited. Or…whatever. Maybe i am just stupid and snobbish. (btw, the auto prediction did not have the word snob in the dictionary- he he)

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