The Latvian has a relationship with their land. Land is a woman, to be tended, guarded,cherished, conquered and enslaved.Yes, even raped.
It is a traditional role-play that goes on when a Latvian encounters their land. It seems that other nations have moved on in their discourse of land- and agrarian-related feelings thoughts and passions.
For the urbanised human, the extreme, intense passion for a plot of land that could become one’s property by bribing the responsible government official, the perverse joy and even murderous intentions of one so obsessed are a mystery. Yet much of this still makes – or does not- one Latvian.
Those of us that are only once removed from the land we grew up on, most probably feel the story deep inside,
Land as a maiden to be won. A treasure to be hunted, a battleground to be occupied. A doom falling, a grave dug, a death to be accepted.
I talked to some of my friends, and they said, they did not understand this. On a deep level of feeling, where one’s essence is. I thought, maybe, one has to come from an outer planet to understand. The alien in me gets it. The Latvian, does not.

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