wine old and new

in Luke 5:36-39 Jesus tells a story about mending clothes and making wine. maybe it also holds true when we think of human interactions in communities. if one splits up a new community to plant its young leaders in an old community (thinking the best, wishing a revival, hoping for things to move on) the two communities will most likely suffer more damage than revival. the old community will select the new rule or leader, the new community will fall apart leaderless or destroy the old leader by their exponential growth and speed, and need for dynamics the old leader cannot provide. new communities need new leaders that would grow with them, learning to handle challenges as they come, finding new ways un solve the old problems, aging together.
39- the set ways are seen as better, not because they necessarily are, but because they have been sanctified by custom and tradition. so wait a while, before suggest new things and new leaders, let the ppl adjust.

Posted by Wordmobi

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