maybe i should introduce a tag here, entitled ‘ephemeral’. for brothers. for things that just do not seem to last.

no, i am not angry or anything, no. just…that feeling of inability to protect and save, to put things right, which is my duty.

my remaining bro is in a hospital in the middle of nowhere, vomiting blood. my mother is desperate. i cannot say anything because i know nothing.

and my gift has seldom been the gift of speaking. plus, i am too tired from my work and all that idiocy you call my daily mundanity, to be of any sensible use. i do not know the right people. i do not know the right words. i do not know the answers. nor do i know the questions, for that matter.

ephemeral, temporary, evaporating – that is life, and blood-ties, and universes in this world. and this non-existence hurts.

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