of sins against faith and morality

at times, i fail to understand. my brain is too simple, too even, too illogical. consider this: the holy see (maybe didn’t) published the Modifications made in the Normae de gravioribus delictis on 15 july 2010. the said modifications were adopted in may 2010, in response to multiple accusations and court cases involving paedophile priests. the congregation for the doctrine of the faith (cdf) [the modern inquisition] thereby gets the right to hear and judge a number of ‘delicts’ – violations of the canon law.

so. i read the document. in english and in latin, to be sure. further on, a brief summary. then my thoughts.

part one

art. 1: who can judge whom, and in why. clear enough.

art. 2. old good heresy, apostasy and schism. nothing new here.

art. 3. what you can – or rather cannot – do with the eucharist. fortunately excludes celebrating this together with other christians. (see below)

art. 4. sacrament of penance. safeguards against mal-practices and non-practices. nothing new either.

art. 5. ordination of women is a sin against faith and thus punishable by excommunication. cool (!s)

art. 6. pornography, paedophilia (and not only), all that stuff under the 6th commandment (roman catholic version) – and punishments thereof.

art. 7. duration of prescription.

part two: who shall sit in judgement.

part three: procedure.

notes and quotes. mainly canon laws in latin.


now. if articles 1, 2, 6 and 7 seem to be logically understandable, and parts of articles 3 and 4 (as 3:4 and 4: 2, 3) at least explicable, knowing the obsession of the roman catholicism with hierarchy and clericalism, then article 5 leaves common logic far behind.

it is a delict (a violation of law) against the faith, to ordain a woman, and the one who does so, along with the women ordained, have excluded themselves from the roman church. what faith, may i ask? whose faith? not in my faith. not the faith in jesus, who called whom he wanted and sent them where he would them go. not the faith in him who considered all humans equal, and taught humility and charity, by which his disciples will be known in the world.

if this document is right, then a woman called by the spirit of god, woman who receives the gifts of pastor and teacher, and wants to exercise them in the congregation, has believed in the wrong christ, in the wrong spirit of christ. and, what is even more interesting, the cdf, by mandate of the pope, has become the institution who knows what god wants, and how god speaks to his people.

in addition, placing this issue among disrespect to the body and blood of christ, breaking the seal of penitence and violation of moral law and human privacy, it somehow gets implied that ordination of women is one of those things – as bad as paedophilia, as not keeping the secret of confession, and blasphemy. well..thank you, rome, for clarification (!s)

now, article 3:4 in particular, also presents a certain conundrum. no celebration of the eucharist with members of other churches (excpt those in full communion with rome, and how many are there?) and i suddenly thought of this paraphrase from paul’s letter to corithinans 1:13, Has Christ been divided into factions? Was Pope crucified for you? Were any of you baptized in the name of Luther-or Calvin – or whoever? Of course not! (NLT)

the bible does not speak of roman catholics and eastern catholics, and lutherans, and new generation christians. it rather speaks of humility and sharing this one meal christ left as a token to christian community. what has been intended as strength and food for unity – in the face of a hostile world – has become one of the main sources of division among those that call themselves christian. and this is not a good witness of the life of christ in his followers.

instead of listening to the other side, we excommunicate. because it is easier that way. because the first sin – hubris – is so deeply rooted. and the secrecy that still enshrouds the cdf actions and canons, and whatnot, only helps that hubris grow.

when christ comes to his beloved world again, will he find faith on earth (Lk.18:8)?

or will we all have sold our souls to the small demons of self-gratification, unbelief, unkindness, pride, self-righteousness and division?

and i do not care what sb might think i have meant by writing this. i am out of order. but so is the world. and d*** it, it’s sad.

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