in the light of the past days, i have been thinking. so, can one ‘fight for christian values’ at all?
because, you see, if one has to fight for sth, does it really exist? like freedom – or equality – or whatever the french revolution tried to achieve?

the very act of fighting, of destroying someone else in the name of some idea – however good in words – kills that good beginning, and distorts it incredibly.

it is possible to fight for freedom. yet upon achieving the said goal, more often than not, it is impossible to preserve it in its ideal form. or to stop fighting.

or fighting for peace – that is an oxymoron, if there ever was one. the state of fight is incompatible with the state of peace, and the one destroys the other. (i just wonder why it is the peace usually?)

just the same way, it is impossible to fight for christian values.

christian values have to be lived, and lived so that by our example they would be adopted, desired, embraced by those that share their lives with us. the fighting destroys the values first, and the carriers second. by fighting for values, nobody wins.

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