my past two weeks have been spent under the damocles sword of translating course descriptions for the romance languages department. no romance, indeed. which makes me think. can one use the expression ‘successfully complete’ or ‘successfully master’ in relation to a study course? maybe it is just my sick imagination, but one either completes or masters sth – the […]

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my monsters

the window was quite clean. till i looked at it in the photo. ok, it was clean in september. they come every moment, from dawn till dusk. they persecute me at work. or they tell their relatives in the city centre to do that, i don’t know. they are green and yellow, and black, and […]

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..this is what i constructed and then tried to photo. not very successful, i know. i like his attitude, though.

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mistakes un-correctable

’tis autumn. the joys and sorrows of summer slowly pass into oblivion. my head full of handel’s concertos, i stand in the wind among debri of leaves and raindrops. time to remember, time to forget. and suddenly i am aware again, of what it is i remember. and what i forget. i remember books. addresses- […]

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this is so much fun. the text interpretations. the implicatios. the fun. ‘What?’ said the guard. ‘I SAID,’ said Magrat, ‘I’ve come to sell my lovely apples. Don’t you listen?’ ‘There’s not a sale on, is there?’ The guard was extremely nervous since his colleague had been taken off to the infirmary. He hadn’t taken […]

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who laughs last. i sometimes have this kind of conversations with my more skype-literate friends over a cup of beverage. see below. Posted by Wordmobi

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sometimes the fastest path there, is the way back. in a world obsessed with progress, how does one stop, look into oneself, and return to the place where they went wrong, to continue the original journey. if all humanity has proceeded from god, is it not also the ultimate goal of the journey of said […]

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