mistakes un-correctable

’tis autumn. the joys and sorrows of summer slowly pass into oblivion.
my head full of handel’s concertos, i stand in the wind among debri of leaves and raindrops.
time to remember, time to forget.
and suddenly i am aware again, of what it is i remember. and what i forget.
i remember books. addresses- of web, books, information. i forget.. my experience and life, my personal past, people that might have been important, but haven’t been. my classmates at both schools. my university .. don’t even know what to call them .. groupmates? fellow-students? see what i mean? the names and faces of the dead – and the living in my past.
so, i have paid, with memories for memory.
i have traded my health for knowledge. and it has been a trade worth every inch, every byte of transaction.
and strangely enough, my hoard is yours for the taking, should anyone choose so.
the wind strips leaves from sleepless trees, pursuing them onto oblivion. the moon is impartial, barely seen in the cracks of the storm-stirred clouds.
i forget, to remember. the paradox of aliens.

Posted by Wordmobi

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