your programme is not compatible with certain visual elements i have. shall i readjust my properties? what is your resolution? how many points can you bare? my processor initiates cooler to cope with data overload. maybe some consolidation is necessary, maybe we have to defragment relationships? every eighth crystal in our screen has gone blind. […]

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the first thing i noticed was this. the world was monochrome. the second thing i noticed was-were- the crows, sitting in the white trees like so many inquisitors, like a bunch of hooded bandits circling in on someone. when i opened my window, they left. judging by the aggregation of student works, winter is here.

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approximately so

with horrible regularity, this thing comes up again and again. maybe i will write up those dreams that haunt me and leave me nothing to wish for, nothing to desire, but dreamless sleep.  maybe the breakdown is not over. maybe it is the full moon. maybe not. most of what i do is futile.  anyway. […]

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has turned its other side. it is raining. rain of dickensian proportion has soaked, sogged, quagmired all and everything: raindrops congregate on the twigs; fog waterlogs moss and lichen; even the sun becomes gray and blurred amidst the moisture. my november dream of sitting by the fire and baking potatoes in the ashes has failed. […]

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par gāzes šķiltavu priekšrocībām un trūkumiem iepretim citām ugunslietām

rudens naktīs, kad galva pilna puņķu, un pa traheju lodā preteklīgs klepus, kad aiz loga neritmiski grabinās lietus kā krogā aizmirsies, alu neizracis bijušais mīlētājs – tādās naktīs miega pārtraukumos nāk prātā uguns. par slieteni mežā. uguns bedri, kas ar savu siltumu iedala pasauli skaidri saprotamās daļās – te, pie mums un tur, tumsā un […]

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Ziedonis and graveyard reform

Imants Ziedonis. Epifānijas. 1978. this is my contribution to this time of traditional latvian whatever they think is proper to do in the graveyards. a translation with some elements of adaptation, on the revelation of then and there, which somehow also is here and now. epiphanies rule. ================= Sometimes I feel graveyards need a reform. […]

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november 11

from today’s class: me: ok, humans, how is the eleventh of november* important in the british culture? what happened on that day in history? anyone? [ominous silence] me: come on, speak up. yes? a student: erm. um. like, it’s the next harry potter film coming out, or something like that? another student: didn’t lāčplēsis (the […]

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public spaces, the church and whatever

the bgea  festival of hope is just about over. the mass media coverage of the event lead me to a number of thoughts concerning appearances of church in the public spaces of this post-communism, post-industrialism post-..whatever country. in a christian world, church is naturally present in the public space. it unites the members of society, […]

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them on my table. why do i get this … feeling? i made them. now they are unimaginable on my table, till i will destroy them and make sth else. and however i have my phone back, the camera still is beyond nice. .. .. .. .. ..

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