started preparing the next year’s course in history of english. and as i am bored with the texts i have had this far, i fugured, the rune poem would be nice – like discussing the runes, and their meaning, and the saxon syntax and morphology and suchlike. so here is one of the pieces (picture […]


the egret

this is it. i finally have an e-book reader. it looks cute, and is functional, and light, and thin, and reads almost anything that does not run away. i called it egret. because it feels like that.  mmm… of course egrets might get offended, but they are my favourite birds of contemplation anyway. now, to […]

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between christmas and the new year – in this dark and snowy season, in this season of long nights and brief days, i think of those people i have met. some of them will move on out of my life, and i of theirs, to continue our separate ways. with some of them i will […]

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something about christmas

there are plenty of things to dislike about the season, and one thing that makes it indispensable. the endless hurry and the worries, and consumerism, and the darkness, and the hypocritical postures of the powers that be, the obligatory love and being nice just because it is traditional- all that galls the spirit and the […]

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time to hit one’s head

after three classes, one tutorial and 3 hours of reading essays and 2 hours of reading student research papers, i feel a definite feeling. rofl. i feel… aargh, i don’t know what i feel. i must feel, once i am writing about it…or maybe not. my head hurts. my head not only hurts, but also […]

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looking back at this year

not to sound so horribly depressive – as i have been lately – i considered to publish something more..funny or so. the ‘or so’ component turned out to be the stronger though. it is simple, and ppl do it on their blogs from time to time – i copypasted together the first few sentences of […]

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i am that i am, no more, no less

had one of those talks… where one can only be amazed at how there is nothing but appearances, where demanding equals cruel and love is perceived by having no requirements. or so it seemed. and the question- in the talk – ‘ you must understand that we have not read all those books’, it really got […]

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  i fail as a teacher. nobody listens to me. or – nobody hears me. or – nobody does anything  i ask them. and then pretends they did not hear. one more week, and then it will be january, and then the days of doom will be there.  

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what to do with unicorns

from the student works: then the police asked man: “did you saw the unicorn?” and man answered that he didn’t saw a unicorn. so this is why there are no unicorns left. someone just sawed them. the next saw film, maybe, should be about sawing unicorns?

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frying the morning meal, and watching my computer fail to restart again, i thought that it really deserved to be described as an incestuous descendant of a female canine. it does sound so much better than the other option, does it not?

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