looking back at this year

not to sound so horribly depressive – as i have been lately – i considered to publish something more..funny or so.

the ‘or so’ component turned out to be the stronger though.

it is simple, and ppl do it on their blogs from time to time – i copypasted together the first few sentences of the first post of every month. this is what occurred (11 english and 1 latvian post):

january: returning

exile is the place heart learns burning for home; it is a place heart learns trust and faith in returning.

exile is what creates the place of return, sanctifies it and makes it worthy.

without a little bit of exile, heart will not value the gift of home.

february: that look

if there is a loving god, and we do get access to his love, and thus act based on and proceeding from this love and acceptance, the world becomes more perfect.

march: could not have guessed

this thought is really neat. contradictory to what it says about the universe and things in it.

“Besides being complicated, reality, in my experience, is usually odd. It is not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.[..]Reality, in fact, is usually something you could not have guessed. That is one of the reasons I believe Christianity. It is a religion you could not have guessed.” (C.S.Lewis)

april: post-easter hangover

for whatever reason, started reading george macdonald (1824-1905) in ccel.org. maybe lewis is to blame, been listening to his books lately. among other things, that is. a lot of things. this talk about the consuming fire struck me as very.. well.. logical in a totally crazy way (lol). this (see below) is how it feels – when one realises that god is madly in love with his creation. and yes, it burns like a fire – with all the light and hurt of it.

may: the delusion of idolatry

does christianity deny the fullness of life before death? is it really more about life after death, or the future, than it is about here and now, and the things we do and choose?

june: what i fried

i fried green tomatoes. the next day i fried a breakfast. it tasted good.

july: saulainus un panākumiem bagātus kapu svētkus

ir pienācis jūlijs – un pāri latvijai aizviļņo lokāli un pārvalstiski mirušo piemiņas brīži – kapu svētki.

kapi ir kļuvuši par ‘īstenā latvieša’ templi, pārdomu vietu un lepnuma objektu. uz kapiem vairākas reizes gadā ‘labi audzinātais’, kulturālais ikdienas latvietis dodas atrādīties pats un citus apskatīt..

august: fight

in the light of the past days, i have been thinking. so, can one ‘fight for christian values’ at all?

because, you see, if one has to fight for sth, does it really exist?

september: in god’s potter shed

thinking of the sunday’s sermon i came up with this outline:

in jer. 18:1-11, jeremiah is referred to potter for an object lesson.

october: gemotion

who laughs last.

i sometimes have this kind of conversations with my more skype-literate friends over a cup of beverage. see below.

november: them

them on my table.

why do i get this … feeling?

i made them. now they are unimaginable on my table, till i will destroy them and make sth else.

december: expletives

frying the morning meal, and watching my computer fail to restart again, i thought that it really deserved to be described as an incestuous descendant of a female canine. it does sound so much better than the other option, does it not?


that’s it folks.

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