Cartoon by Dave Walker, all rights reserved, all infringements frowned upon, other legal speak, etc etc.between christmas and the new year – in this dark and snowy season, in this season of long nights and brief days, i think of those people i have met.

some of them will move on out of my life, and i of theirs, to continue our separate ways. with some of them i will continue my journey. and some of them will suffer me, and i – them, yet for another span of time.

whichever the case be, it is traditional in this season to think of greetings, and wishes, and miracles, and wonders. and thus this post.

yes, however misanthropic my daily life, i believe that all the people i meet are gifts. some come unexpected, some come right in time, some come without a box, and some – in heavy wrapping, but all and every one of them is a gift from my journey master. (sorry for the times i have behaved like i got a burden, not a gift).

i wish all of you the peace of the season. be safe. be alive, and be happy.

and be a gift, a miracle, wherever you happen to go.

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