skype smileys that should have been there but were not, what a pity

… [22:39:00] /me: (bootfly) [22:39:15] E.Z.: (facepalm) [22:40:13] /me: (throwfish) [22:41:05] E.Z.: (takeanevasiveactionregardinallthrownobjects) [22:42:11] /me: (wallintheway) [22:42:41] E.Z.: (hittrollwithanaxe) [22:42:58] /me: (dropbricksrightonhead) [22:43:15] E.Z.: (putbucketonhead) [22:45:18 /me: (slidebrickstothebottom) [22:46:03] E.Z.: (shoutthisisspartanotsomekindoftetris) [22:46:24] /me: (buckettetris) …

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never let me go*

caught like the butterflies in the never-ending fire of death, we still aspire, still hope, still try mending the holes in this incomplete pattern of advances and retreats, visions and divisions called life. ————————— * a novel by Kazuo Isiguro, now a film. you want to read it, you want to see it. you want […]

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blaumanis un es

Pār Gaŗkalnes tumšajiem siliem vējš sniegotas mežģīnes kāj pār priežu galiem ziliem sapņi un gļuki jāj. Dus greiderētājs savā migā, dus sētn(i)nieku pulks, dus simtlatnieki un zemnieks, un laika zīmju tulks. Vien pašā šosejas malā ir stopotājs nomodā – tas meklē pēc pavedēja ir tuvu, ir tālumā. (turpinājumu, lūdzu, komentāros)

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‘what is your favourite font,’ she asked me once. i looked at her for a while. ‘depends for what,’ i said cautiously. ‘what do you mean, it depends,’ she was puzzled, ‘don’t you just have a favourite font?’ and so i looked through my database of fonts. and yes, i have a favourite font – for […]

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things do diminish

in size, importance, whatever. yesterday my bro was so drunk he did not notice he had cut off part of his finger, and lost it. like, really lost it. on the ground. all the kitchen was full of blood. he refused to keep the bandage on for long enough for the bleeding to stop. i […]

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how things shrink

have you noticed how the original world gets smaller when one returns from either far away or long time no see? the world of my home has diminished even unto a snowball in bonfire. but i will think of that tomorrow. today i will meditate on how things shrink. how the once important people suddenly […]

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God the fletcher

Listen to me, all you in distant lands! Pay attention, you who are far away! The Lord called me before my birth; from within the womb he called me by name. He made my words of judgement as sharp as a sword. He has hidden me in the shadow of his hand. I am like […]

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es gribu nepalikt – kā krītot satrūd koki. es gribu pārvērsties, no zemes – zemē aiziet. un tālāk – nepalicis, nenoturēts, nesasaistīts gars, liesma, malduguns, viens acumirklīgs dzīves stars no gaismas – gaismā nozib.

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moon in my bed. and i must say again, either her or me. so…her, probaly. whatever is left of me, crawls in a miserable ball out of the reach of the moon, and listens to the little ginger kitten rioting in the corridor. after tomorrow, i will go to see my mother. if the roads […]

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into the sunset

šon saruna skaipā. piedalās trīs dažādu gada gājumu cilvēki. =================================== s.b.: man sāk nepaatikt politika un tiesības a.z. Kā priekšmets, vai kā mūsu valstī? 🙂 s.b.: tieši kā mūsu valstī a.z. Nu, tad jārīkojas, jāmeklē līdzīgi domājošie, jāformulē, kas nepatīk un kā to novērst un jāizmanto savas tiesības ietekmēt politiku s.b.: nu jā tāpatās tas […]

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beset by nightmares

no, i do not understand. i will write a more complete analysis maybe later. or not at all, because it does not matter. the annual crisis of imagination is at its fullest. on the other hand, if people think they can go on being plain stupid, i will not hinder them.

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the writing tones

and then the solar kitten said: me can write only with tones of tea and food and sweet things. and i thought – what tones do i write with? i write with tones of dusk, and coffee with cinnamon and ginger, and vodka, and roast meat. and then there are days when i write with […]

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evil never falls alone

the balrog* falls from the bridge in moria to its doom, and gandalf falls with it. the evil never falls alone. it always – always takes the good down with it. and then for a moment the good is down, and the evil is gone. it is in those moments, that hope becomes the frailest. […]

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