vegetables we live by

horoscopes. the influence of the energies of the birth-month upon the fates. so what do you do if you disagree? i’d suggest, use vegetables. so, here goes the list*, and each month has the main vegetable, and a side-vegetable, so you can choose both, either or none (see below):

January: Brussels sprout /Dandelion
February: Cabbage /Garlic
March: Carrot /Lettuce
April: Tomato/Celery
May: Avocado /Spinach
June: Eggplant /Chili
July: Broccoli /Leek
August: Potatoe/Horse radish
September: Cauliflower /Onion
October: Courgette /Bell pepper
November: Pumpkin /Parsnip
December: Chickpea /Cucumber


*this list definitely is not exhaustive, as there are many more vegetables that are definitely connected to people in many different invisible ways. if you feel that the vegetables mentioned here are not your vegetables, or they are mentioned in the wrong month, or wrong colour, or in incorrect proportion or neighbourhood – please feel free to alter your birth-month to obtain the sign of the vegetable which will bring you joy and satisfaction the most.

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