horseless apocalypse

the horsemen (2009). a film about a police inspector solving a series of murders thematically tied to the four horsemen of the apocalipse, only to find out that his own son is one of the said horsemen.

it is a film about this horribly crippled world, and, in a sense, about what happens when people neglect relationships. it is a film about the disease of haste and how the best intentions lead to the most spectacular failures.

it is a film about loss, and jealousy, and desperate decisions. and the thing that when there is a broken relationship, a sacrifice is necessary to set things right.

it is also a film about how important it is to do love, to do relationships, not only promises and endless tomorrows and thens.

the recent demise of a latvian pop-singer (so banal, from ‘flu) ties in with this in a special way: suddenly everyone remembered how great the guy was, and suddenly everyone felt it their duty to play his songs and listen to them, and whatnot. it sometimes seems, latvians (the only nation i have studied close up) have a knack for loving only the dead, only the deceased. sort of necrophiliacs, on a national scale, with all those days of commemoration of the dead, and the stuff ppl come up with in graveyards.

so. what conclusions?

the apocalypse, the last day, the day when all things will be revealed, is not somewhere else, it is not sometime else. it is today, now is the time.

now is the time to think the good thoughts, and to keep promises. now is the time not only to ‘connect’ on a social network, but also to go and check what your people are doing, and try to say the good words before they are dead and cannot hear you.

and also this: the invisible god becomes visible in our relationships, in the ways we see each other with love and compassion. there are so many different ‘hooks’ that keep humans from touching ‘ground’ and eventually kill them. there are so many ways to kill, and only one – to give life. maybe that is saying something about how precious that life is? and maybe not. who knows.

the film was good. in its own horrible way.

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