what i believe* in

new york (i mustn’t stop believing in it or else it will cease to exist)
that little invisible virii (viruses) are the cause of the common cold
that there are true kiwis
that there is a huge sock-eater somewhere in my room (invisibly present)
that vegetables talk
that my half-empty mug is also half-full
that noise is a sign of activity (honestly, don’t you have cats or little children)
that all roads lead to Rome (never tried checking that one, too little time)
that maps are representations of reality
that sausages are made of meat (and eat them anyway)
that there is a thing called ‘free beer’
that going to bed early gets one more rest
that there are sulphites in the wine, not truth
that the number of pirates is directly related to global warming
that cucumbers are cool


*did you notice, i do not say i believe in god. because i know him personally, and he said, all that blind believing stuff was stupid and not to the point.

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