some day

it all started yesterday, when the sewage pipe got blocked.

(i think this is a brilliant beginning of a horror story, don’t you find?)

then the water got cut off.

then, in the morning, the water returned, luckily.

and then, i was almost in time for the lectures, but the printer broke down, and the copying machine had glitches.

and then, the drama club could not finish their rehearsal in time, and i lost 15 minutes of the lecture.

then, i did enjoy some parts of the discussion of mind-maps in another class.

then, i rushed to the congregation house for a meeting, where i was present enough to manage the tech tasks, but too tired to feel any emotions. maybe this was good.

then i took a minibus back to the centre, and it turned out it was the wrong one, and by the time i had discovered it, i was in the wrong place, and had to walk for about a kilometre. which – apparently in combination with weariness- nauseated me very much.

then i got on a minibus to my end of the city, and guess, what?

first, a number of totally drunk under-thirties boarded, and they had that smell. made me sick.

second, a wheel fell off. nobody hot hurt, excpt the wheel, i guess. i did panic for a moment, for the well-known reasons.

then i got off the minibus eventually, and threw up.

then i reeled home.

timothy the cat met me at the door, climbed up onto my shoulder, and purred insistently.

as i opened the door to my room, i found a hissing-spitting cat on my wardrobe – timothy’s mother. has made a nest there. refuses to be evicted.

i think i am going mad.

i think the full moon is coming closer to the earth.

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