some notes on the current events

well, my almost 4 hour journey home (the term is definitely imprecise and disputable, as i left here when i was 16, never to return for more than two weeks at a time, usually 2 or 3 days is just about enough i can bear) was successful. i brought a replacement cat (timothy) for the farm, now all the cat staff places are full again.

timothy absolutely enjoyed the bus drive. he looked out of the window for some time, then mostly slept. upon arrival he banished the huge black dog from the house (think in terms of 50 kg of dog and 0.5 kg of cat), and tried to establish working relationships with the two cats in residence. the big red one has hidden himself in my room now, and the black one takes tim as a toy. so far so good.

my mother is not so well. not so well at all. and that is how it is.

i have done some cooking and cleaning and just being there. let’s see how all this moves. i still have 5 days ahead of me. i just hope it is enough.

today again i thought, looking at the snow and hoarfrost crusted sunny countryside: there are very few places more beautiful than my country. very very few. whatever people might say to the contrary, this is a country with the best landscapes int he universe. except wales, of course. but then, wales does not get snow, not much anyway – so my country wins.

i miss some daffodils, however.

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