grumpy old lizard listens to news about consumer rights

photo by Marcin Kreglicki

accidentally (ok ok, because it is my custom) i listened to the news on the radio; and one of the items was about the consumer rights protection agency starting a campaign against publishing houses. the reason? the publishers cannot name (because they do not know) the ingredients of books for children (like what paper, what printing ink, etc are used to print those books). man, did this get me angry.

there is something basically wrong with this world, where everyone has rights and demands and no duties to contribute meaningfully; or where what one likes takes priority over what one must do.

<grumpy old lizard text>

when i was a kid, nobody protected my rights. and i grew up knowing my duties. to the country, to my school, to my land, to my family. and i learned that the rights come after the duties, not before them, and certainly not without them.

when i was a kid, nobody asked me what i liked and whether i liked doing what i did. and i grew up doing jobs regardless of my likes and dislikes. i was taught to create, and not to consume. and if something got broken you fixed it. yourself. and took pride in that.

when i was a kid, there were no multiple choice questions either at school, or in life. and i learned to determine the possibilities, name my choices and know why i took one of them, and not the rest. there were no tasks in maths that had ready-made answers, and the process of solution taught me to define the values first, and operate with them subsequently. maybe this damaged my intuition, but it certainly taught me to look for logical proof in practically everything, model situations, and see more than one dimension in what was offered.

when i was a kid, we played war games. at school they were organised and structured, and ideologised, and whatnot. thus i learned to know ideology for what it is, and became immune to it. at home, we played war-games with self-made weapons and self-made shelters in the forests, and self-made strategies. a loner by nature, i learned to interact with my team, be it as little as the lone ranger/sniper need to communicate and coordinate actions. violence was there in those games. pain was there in those games. lots of things were there in those games. it all was real, real-time. if the weapon hit one, one got bruised. poor strategy led to real pain, and the victors of today could be the losers of tomorrow, so one had to check their wish to hurt the less lucky side too much, lest they retaliate. i learned to wait. for the right moment, for the designated target, and not to break cover.

when i was a kid, i learned to care for farm animals from their birth to their becoming food for the family. i learned that regardless of what happens to the humans, animals have to be fed and watered. because they depend on us, and cannot get food and water without us. i learned to raise them – and to kill them fast and clean. and both their life and death was my responsibility. and it is very difficult for me to understand the people who refuse eating meat based on the ideology of ‘cute little animals’ and have never seen an egg hatch, and fed the chickens, and cut their throats, and plucked them, and processed them. or seen a piglet grow into a pig, and slaughtered it and done all the things need to be done between the pig and the meat. i have done all that, and remain fiercely carnivorous.

on the other hand, i learned never to kill needlessly, or for fun; never torture or damage an animal, and defend them from humans who do so. because humans have reason, and animals do not, and it is the human responsibility to care for those of lesser intellect.

when i was a kid, the world was not a happier place. no, not at all. but it gave me the reason to treasure my freedom. to know what i am free for, not only from.

</grumpy old lizard text>

so, come on, people, wake up, and do something meaningful instead of complaining and accusing others, and consuming your rights, and nerves and vital organs by endless haste and worry.


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