inappropriately online

yesterday i read … how many? … too many papers. the month of may has begun, and the crop of raw papers is coming home to be winnowed and whetted into some shape. so i fell asleep on my keyboard in the middle of a paper.

i woke up four-o-clock-ish. on the keyboard, or almost. because the nuthach was trying to sing the worms out of the apple tree under my window, and the blackbird and the herring gull family had had an early morning, too. and, of course, parts of my face felt numb.

the funny thing was that i had left my skype and digsby on. and for a change, a multitude of people had chosen to talk to me precisely on the night when my brain was off. had not had so many open chat windows in months. old man murphy probably could make some more laws about this, lol.

ah yes. the few magnolias of riga are a-bloom and a-blossom. magnificent.

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