a song of choices – choose madness, choose freedom

Among cars, engines, girls freezing on street corners, amidst roar, howl and whistle – is it nightmare or a greeting? – the voice of a cuckoo.

Are you funny to wander in this city? What makes you run barefoot on snow? Your ‘cuckoo’ too naive for this century, and we dropped it long time ago.

We buried it deep in a heart corner, but when the soil thawed a little, just like a naive daffodil it was out, the voice of the cuckoo!

We gave it to a girl, and she put it in herbarium to dry; such is the fate of the voice of the cuckoo – either freeze in snow, or be lost among pages.

But if the girl shrugs her shoulders, do not stay there for long. We cannot ask all people to share our meaning of the naive ‘cuckoo’.

Go like a madman – go like the free man – go by the signs for ‘market’ and ‘circus’; go by the games and modern dances, and get yourself one voice of the cuckoo.


another fine song for those that do not fit in too well. the poet who wrote the lyrics, is among my all time favourites.

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