chicken for lazy afternoons (contains pictures of naked chicken)

welll.. i did it. and took pictures to prove it.

so, you need (approximately)

1 dead chicken
1 sharp boning knife
about a tsp of salt
1 bell pepper
1 10 inch carrot
1 medium sized onion
about a handful of prunes
3 cloves garlic
100 g rice (dry)

bone the chicken (make a cut in the back, and peel the flesh off, it is relatively easy)

grate the carrot, dice the pepper, onion, prunes and garlic

heat the pan with a little oil, fry carrots, pepper, onion, add prunes and garlic, heat till carrots change colour. boil the rice.

mix rice and vegetables for stuffing


get a needle and thread – you will have to sow it up

stuff the stuff into the chicken, and sow it up. then bind its wings and legs, so it cannot run away.

heat the oven to approximately 210C, pour some water on the pan under the chicken. bake till the juices are clear. brown.

untie. carve. enjoy.

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