the day to remember 27 words beginning with ‘o’

of course, dictionaries exist and all that. but for fun, here we go. all i can remember on the spot. it probably tells sb sth about my preferences and whatnot…but this is for fun only. try making your own lists, you will see.

  1. ocelot
  2. owl
  3. obstruction
  4. ok
  5. omnibus
  6. occasion
  7. obscurity
  8. off-white
  9. open-ended
  10. octogram
  11. octarine
  12. operratic
  13. officer
  14. octopus
  15. oed
  16. oilskin
  17. offertory
  18. outhouse
  19. overture
  20. occident
  21. one
  22. ochre
  23. olives
  24. opportunity
  25. opposum
  26. oriole
  27. obvious

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