sometimes the world is a blur of stuff

and i want to stop it, take a screwdriver, unscrew the frame, take the insides out. sort them into neat piles, throw out loads of stuff, re-arrange the rest, so that all things have space. then unravel the mess of connectors and neatly connect everything appropriately, without knots and dubious liaisons.

and check the battery, and the propulsion, too. it has been going too fast for its initial specs, much too fast, held too many things onboard and been on strange and unusual roads. the battery and the engine must have had some wear and tear.

but all i have at the moment, is a hammer. i can only throw it, in the hope that it will stop the world without destroying something essential. and then, find the screwdriver and act as above, plus some necessary repairs. with luck, i might hit something i wanted to throw out anyway.

yeah, sometimes life gets too fast. the usual september thing, i deem.

p.s. when tagging the post, i proudly noticed i already had the tag for ‘allegory’.

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