the impartial apple, and how the world is kinda round and full of gravity (or was it gravy?)

a number of things took place today in the morning.

i rose from the dead bed.

in doing so, i caused a book-slide. quite effective, really. fortunately, for a change, no horrible injuries for my precious person resulted. now i will have to put the books back.

a book of poems fell from the top shelf, and opened randomly. i read the poem (see below). it was a perfect revelation of the forces of gravity philosophy in everyday situations.

nothing ever is impartial, uninvolved or neutral. only the dead and the mad have no biases, stereotypes and expectations.

pamēģiniet atrast
neitrālu ābolu

viņi visi ir smagi cīnījušies
pret smago zemi
un smagi krituši

tie zaļie potstādi
ir liecinieki
ka neitrāls ābols
nav iespējams

do try to find
an impartial apple

they all have battled
the force of gravity
and landed hard

the little green shoots
are testimonies
to impossibility
of impartial apples

Imants Ziedonis

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