events this far

i have had a bout of stomach flu… exquisite torture of unslept nights, shaky knees and certain future. that was my friday, saturday and sunday achievement.

monday morning dawned relatively uneventful, till that moment when i dropped a dictionary on my toe. that was the direct opposite of rofl. so i limped to work.

after the last class i was locking the room. when closing the window, the blind departed from its place above and fell right on my head. so, slightly bruised, i limped home.

the cat spent hilarious time trying to break into my room between 2 and 5 in the morning. she jumped and went incessantly bang against the doorknob. she scratched at the door. she tried digging under it. ingenious, really.

and now, dizzily, will i limp to work again. to see what the day brings, right?

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