smells as they brighten

Beyond the Pear Tree has this wonderful post of favourite smells. which inspired me to think of some, too. the order is inconsequential.

  • masala incense
  • meat frying
  • freshly baked rye bread
  • raw earth in autumn
  • smoke of a campfire
  • warm leather
  • wind when thaw is about to set in
  • coffee
  • garlic sausage
  • diesel fuel
  • fresh salmon
  • ‘antonovka’ apples
  • junipers
  • new books
  • indian ink
  • potato chips in the pan
  • freshly cut birchwood, oakwood, pinewood

and so on.

smells are memory facilitators, discreet transport into the past. mush harder to forget than sounds, events and faces.

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