the leaves fall quietly, and the trees grow without fuss; the souls pass quietly, whilst the life passes as an endless carnival; the world turns… quietly, running through stars at an astronomical speed; the truly great things take place quietly, whilst the flashy things capture the attention of those present; the eyes of quiet will […]

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the wind of my dreams

this time the wind in my dream was true again. this is to say goodbye to my uncle Robert. a singer, a genealogist, an expert at breeding sheep. life begins, and life ends – and it is a beautiful journey between. the earth brings forth the seed, and the great tree returns to it when […]

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transparent air

this autumn is not rich in frosts, so the maple leaves turn bright yellow which creates an air of lucidity hard to describe, whatever the colour of the sky. especially when the sky is grey. it seems the sun herself* has come down for a visit ever so brief before the passing of the light. […]

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last night

last night i was listening to the maple trees outside my window how they created a multicolour susurrus in the dark discussing the latest fashion of the stars and the music of birds of flight as the moon peeked cautiously over the margin of the treeline, hidden by the blocks of flats.

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one of the nice things about living in a suburb, are the stars. tonight there were so many stars in the dark-dark-blue of the sky. like so many worlds, open. believe, know, and enter. and the geese flew over the city in skeins.

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