the world of linguistic dreams and infiltrations

tonight i dreamed in greek. as this is a language i have learned from books, i do not know what it sounds like. so the little greek letters danced and moved about, making up chunks of text, sometimes understandable, sometimes totally unintelligible. and i thought in my dream – why am i dreaming this? it is not full moon, not any more.

then i woke up – in my dream. and talked to cats of various shades, at an official reception. the cats had come from another planet or something, and wanted to find other non-earthians. so we talked about what life is like on the earth, and what the best ways of travel are, and discussed infiltration techniques. i felt i envied the cats a little, because they could go and do things, get to places that my human form does not permit.

then suddenly it was all late autumn, and there was too much wind everywhere. and i – in my dream – desperately wanted to wake up, because i so do not like seeing wind in my dreams. and a voice said – in german – to convert the present forms of the verbs in my thoughts to plu-perfect. whatever that was. i asked why, and woke up.

it was 5:50 a.m.

so i’ll add a picture of park with maples in it, just to get some sense back in this post.

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