when cooking, i think of this: of all those people who have packed all those things i use: like today i bought some dried apricots from turkey, and they came in this totally elegant little package, arranged neatly in little rows, beautifully done. i wish i could personally thank those people who do this – probably for […]

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the nuclear personal spaces

well, here it is, a little drawing of me as a nuclear reactor. i’ve been thinking of this for some time, both on-line and offline, and this is the result. yes, i think of my self (and quite a lot of relationships) in terms of 3D space, rooms, cubes, access corridors and so on. unfortunately my digital drawing […]

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the swans

have left. this was on the news. i woke up grey today, like the earth and the sky, and the fallen leaves in the mist. and i thought, those swan-less days before the first snow touches down will be as grey as i will think them. i have to put up the bird feeder soon. […]

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funerals one misses

and then my father said (to the world at large) – she did not go to the funeral of my best man (by she meaning me). and then i thought, why should i. the people on my father’s side of the family have spent minimum 30 years trying to alienate me from the relatives on […]

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trees sleep standing up

they undress for the winter, then cover their feet, then stretch out towards the sky, and go to sleep. they dream of little scurrying critters in some warm place in a realm far beyond this reality. the tree dreams take the whole winter to fill out, to grow – the little scurrying critters put on […]

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love and gadgets

and yes, it is true, i say i love my computer just because i want to take him with me to bed. where we both are safe, and warm, and can enjoy ourselves. plus, computers pur, but leave no mess. minus – computers think by themselves, but do not cuddle up nicely. tonight me and […]

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tonight i am a bat temporarily challenged in the hearing department. if i bump into you pick me up point me away from yourselves and let me fly blindly into the universe

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