when night invisibly becomes early morning

my dearest wolfie inspired this in her post. a wonderful little quiz with fine illustrations… i’m not sure this does apply to me 100%, but he sure is my favourite character. 🙂 Если вы отвечали на все вопросы то, что в голову приходило, значит вы – Снусмумрик Путешественник, музыкант, одиночка. Принимает как данность то, что […]

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and suddenly, watching ‘the brothers lionheart‘ , nothing is simple, and nothing is not true. when you jump in faith, what is the name of your land?

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the haunting

and so i enter the dream-within-dream. and i am in some kind of himalayan foothill country. with people whose language is something like sanscrit (which i do not speak in life, but have heard in dreams). and there is some discussion about going to some place in the mountains where some benevolent entities, teachers, beings of light […]

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the year 2011 in this blog

January: evil never falls alone the balrog* falls from the bridge in moria to its doom, and gandalf falls with it. the evil never falls alone. it always – always takes the good down with it. my mother still safely in hospital. the roads have become un-navigable because of snowstorms. i am stuck in this city, with […]

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the floating*

when all is relative, when all is arbitrary, what has happened to meaning? if there is no meaning to the simple and little  things, what happens to the bigger things? the bigger things void of meaning, what happens to the big things? when everything moves, where is peace? (it is full moon, i know) _________________ […]

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the ankle-deep eyes

the puddles on the street and the walkways are windows to other worlds. if one looks into them carefully, beyond the grit and silt at the bottom, there are cities and fields, and endless forests and seas, and mysterious realms. the travel through puddles needs solitude, windless weather, firm belief in reflections and clear idea […]

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creeps into my bed, following the patterns of moonlight. do i care? do i know. a friend said i looked tired. i guess i am. emotionally. but there is little respite right now. this week, and then two more weeks. to last, to survive. and then practice the non-celebration of birthday of birthdays. hide from […]

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eyes of flame

and so i was walking tonight, and i felt it. someone looking at me. and i looked round to see, who. and i saw her. up in a lilac tree. tried out my nokia c6-01 camera in night setting with a flashlight. not the best, not too bad. eyes of flame, indeed.

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the grey sun

and suddenly it is december, and suddenly the sun wraps herself in pale haze and does not rise over the horizon for more than a few hands. darkness has come slowly, sneaking, and has taken over completely. and the snow tries falling, and fails miserably, epically. the earth is peat-grey, the sky is grizzled, the people throng […]

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