the haunting

and so i enter the dream-within-dream.

and i am in some kind of himalayan foothill country. with people whose language is something like sanscrit (which i do not speak in life, but have heard in dreams). and there is some discussion about going to some place in the mountains where some benevolent entities, teachers, beings of light have been sleeping for centuries. according to the lore, this is the time they should be waking up… no idea why. so the people finally decide to go and see if anything is happening.

the path winds among rocks and tufts of grass, up and down slopes, till there is an almost invisible ravine with a river at the bottom. we turn along it, and suddenly there is this wall with something like sealed doors. the door frames are all different, but sort of roundish and pointy on top. the seals look like limestone gone grey with age, interspersed with reddish mortar. and there is one door with a clearly discernible additional seal, it looks like a huge splatter of hot wax, except it appears to be stone.

one of the people goes up and hits the seal. it crumbles. a dark, sooty cavern opens, and a blue (almost indigo) creature comes out. it has an indian stone lion style head with black mane and black eyes without pupils. it roars, and stretches, and roars again, and announces that it is a demon  of one kind or another, and is totally, impossibly hungry, and will partake of the food it sees (i.e. the people before it). people panic. i watch, happy to be invisible. then two other doors break open, and two other entities (humanoid in shape) appear.

they are similar, but different. both are.. well, grey. one is shorter and kind of stocky, dressed in greenish-grey. the other is tall and thinnish, dressed in dark greys, with a funny hat not unlike korean hats. their skin is grey; their hands have long fingers. they stand at their doors for a moment, taking in the picture. then they approach the blue creature and talk to it in a language that sounds like melodious clicks. the creature roars again, and backs up as if preparing to attack. the grey people move towards it, and eventually (i do not know how) get it back in the sooty cave, and close it.

then the grey people turn to the people of the village and say something in their language. the villagers answer in their language. there is exchange of information but i do not hear it very well.

and then, suddenly i am back in the village where the taller grey entity is teaching something of a dance to five or six villagers. the dance is beautiful.

and then i wake up into my usual dream-space. and i wonder what strange places a dream-within-dream can take one.

and then the birds by my window wake me up. and i see a greenfinch for the first time this winter.

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