the now of radical action… unconditional love required on a world scale

the readings at the midnight mass started with words: At that time.

like That time was somewhere else, and we are here.

but no, That time is now, That time is here, That time is us, with us and within us.

That time is our responsibility.

and it is not about religion, it is about people. it is not about theory, it is about practice.

That time, that now, is here, is challenging us unto radical action.

do we dare to be born outside the restrictions of the ‘acceptable’ culture?

do we dare to love unconditionally?

do we dare to acknowledge the good in the unlikely people, and the not-so-good in those that the society thinks most deserving of praise and gratitude?

do we dare to break the bonds of market relationships, to upset the tables of money-lenders and acquire only what we need, and when we need it?

do we dare to care for this earth?

That time, the time of the divine walking on earth, is now.

there will be no other time, not for us.

do we dare to walk in step with the divine?

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