the 2012 (in indeterminate future tense, that is)

some days ago my friend Teresa Silverthorn wrote of things to stop doing in 2012. and i thought, this was a beautiful code to grow onto (and strangely familiar indeed).

my 2011 has been … varied. difficult, beautiful, painful and full of god’s love. i have lost people (including my mother), i have lost my land (or rather left the people who tend it to their own devices), i have met a soul-friend (unexpectedly and totally miraculously), i have started to fall in love with the city of riga (after….22 years, is it?), i have made a long and tiring journey from leadership into nothing. and all this time, the breath of god, his steps, his love has been with me. maybe sometime when i feel up to it, i will write more.

this post is to say – have an honest new year, if, when and where possible. have a new year full of balanced solitude and being among people. have enough space for yourself, and enough of love that transcends all bonds. yes, have transcendent love above all things. then the rest will fall in order on its own.

and thank you, dear readers, for reading. i do appreaciate it. very much. happy new year, folks.

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