summarily a-b-c

tomorrow january will be over. so, this far: A) the Term paper presentations went reasonably well. part because my head of department clean forgot the invitation (i do think she missed loads of fun), and so the atmosphere was quite informal, yet shot with academic trends; part because i have the best students in the […]

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in a sea of termpapers and other things, i cease looking for whatever it was i am missing. the unclaimed things come up and revel in the simple act of non-recognition.

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there is just one day every winter, when the second snow comes. on that day, the sky is white, the ground is white, and the branches are white. and the wide world suddenly is limpid, lucid, transparent. only the dark undersides of the branches point us upwards.

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under mountains of test papers, i make a tiny little cave  for unexpected survival in a world full of too many words and too many sorrows

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pilnmēness/ pustrijos naktī// joprojām nav iespējams gulēt

skumju putns izplešas vējā un tumšmelnām spalvām ieķeŗas mākoņu malās. viņš plīvo starp zemi un debesīm, starp to, kas varēja būt, un to, kas nenotika. viņa kājas iejūk vīnogu zaros aiz loga, un viņa sirds sitas stiklos, klusumā, pārtraukta. sarāvies kamolā, skumju putns tup uz palodzes, un ir krietni pāri pusnaktij; viņa acis aizsedz mēnesi, […]

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the night asphalt, or the secret life of the common city bus (omnibus vulgaris)

imagine the city as a huge place of intertwining asphalt rivers, rivulets, pools and lakes, inhabited by a multitude of vehicles. the largest species, native to the city, is the common city bus (omnibus vulgaris). representatives of the species sometimes reach the size of the larger lorry (vector viator), and are definitely urban in appearance […]

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of the unspoken

it is january. my body remembers the decisions i had to make last year. and i remember never been able to tell her i love her. or how much i love her. or that i have ever wanted to be able to tell her. i thought it was more important to do the love. to do […]

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