summarily a-b-c

tomorrow january will be over. so, this far:

A) the Term paper presentations went reasonably well. part because my head of department clean forgot the invitation (i do think she missed loads of fun), and so the atmosphere was quite informal, yet shot with academic trends;
part because i have the best students in the world among the term paper writers. smart. ingenious. creative. unusual. well-read. able to play. able to see things. cool people, really. where else one could get a spontaneous discussion of orc colours or vampire wardrobe preferences amidst stylistics and other discourse things? i think i am proud of my students, generally and particularly.

B) some unknown maledictor (or maybe malefactor, too) has managed to deprive me of all left hand gloves. really. yesterday morning (it being 15 below zero) i found myself in possession of no fewer than 5 right hand gloves, and no left hand gloves were to be found anywhere in my room. if this is not weird, what is?

the little cat is probably stealing chocolate

C) i am still kind of downcast. and it looks like this will go on for a while. i just wish to be able to fast forward to something like june… but that will not happen, i guess. rough winter, this one.

and there is a conference day after tomorrow, and instead of writing the paper, i have re-arranged part of my room, cleaned dust from the books, thrown out stuff… brilliant, right?

this is how the crow wing prints look in the snow

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