why komodo dragon exists

the past three weeks or so have not been the best part of my life by far, and that is, in itself, an understatement. but then again, aided by fried meat (with onions), some decent drink and a friend who knows little of the lizard world, i came to a solution. yes, the komodo dragon. […]

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translation attempts

this one is almost the most brilliant song of all i have ever heard. here, my faint attempt at translation to latvian (see below) . the eng version – one of them – here. Es žēlastības pasargāts un svētīts – viss pārējais ir pēkšņi nesvarīgs; Dievs ir ar mums no vakara līdz rītam, Viņš mūs […]

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another conjunction

even if living here, one is supposed to be proud of the winters with their cold and snow and blizzards and ice and whatnot, and sort of look down on the ‘southern softies’, i sometimes think that a more temperate climate would be an advantage. i am bored by monochrome. i want daffodils. but the […]

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i have been hit by the modern weapon of mass destruction, the sneezing student. how i wish for this to be otherwise. and now, buried under mountains of spent kleenexes, sneezing and sore in throat and bone, i feel miserably inadequate for any academic – or other – work. the universe has a sense of grim […]

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this week this country is divided over the language issues. and i am thinking of … bilingualism (being functionally trilingual myself) or whatever. i think that recognition and love, and preservation of one language do not proceed automatically from forbidding other languages. the status of the state language is state policy, not politics. the respect for a […]

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nakts cirkus – fragments

(no tikko topošā tulkojuma: Erin Morgenstern::Night Circus) Tumsa un zvaigznes Ar biļeti rokā tu iestājies garā rindā, kas dodas iekšā cirkū, un gaidot savu kārtu vēro melnbaltā pulksteņa ritmiskās kustības. Aiz biļešu kases vienīgā izeja ir smags, svītrots aizkars. Cilvēki pa vienam vien iziet tam cauri un pazūd. Kad pienāk tava kārta, tu pavelc audumu […]

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