pregnant trees amidst blizzard (or maybe it is only snowing)

maybe except the birds, there is hardly anything fascinates me more than trees. their magnanimity. their patience. how they treat the birds. their quiet, but distinctive voices, different each season. trees never bore me. i can walk among them, talking and listening to them almost endlessly.

a few days ago i noticed that the faster trees looked .. pregnant. there was something definitely thicker, redder and .. more about the branches extended towards the pale grey skies. and then i thought, if they did not mind, i’d like to take a few photos, for memory. today i asked. they did not.

unfortunately the falling snow made it quite impossible to use my camera, and i used the nokia camera instead. and here’s the irony – the snow thinks itis winter, but the voices of the trees know and sing the advent of the next season. the snow can fool nobody, not in the tree department.

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