why komodo dragon exists

the past three weeks or so have not been the best part of my life by far, and that is, in itself, an understatement.

but then again, aided by fried meat (with onions), some decent drink and a friend who knows little of the lizard world, i came to a solution.

yes, the komodo dragon. (for some reasons, one of the most respectable lizard species in the known universe)

photo by Tim Knight

the komodo dragon is an overkill of evolution. it is huge (3m or 10 ft+). ir can run real fast (about 20 km/h or 12.5 mph), it can climb trees and attack from above, it can dig holes, AND its saliva is poison to most living organisms on earth. the komodo dragon likes human meat (killing the carrier of the meat prior to consumption, lol). in addition, it is hard not to describe it as a beautiful specimen of the lizard race.

so, you might ask here, what’s the point?

but you see, there is some.

when one’s boss at work behaves… strangely, or just bosses ppl round, it is good to remember that this boss is not a komodo dragon.

like… the boss cannot run at 20 km/h. nor climb trees to attack from above. they are not even poisonous, or can dig holes for one to fall into. nor does one’s boss consume rotten meat. in comparison to the natures killing machine, one’s boss is quite harmless.

which brightens me up no end. and helps me sleep safe and sound.

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