sunday, march eleven

this was a glorious, epic, spectacular fail day.

no, not fail. FAIL.

thus: in order to be in time for the church event, i put up 3 alarms: 6.30, 7.00, 7.30. i woke up at 8.30, and someone had pressed all the alarms without me even as much as remembering getting up and catching the mobile phone. i must be sleepwalking.

then i had to wait for the mystery person to finish whatever they were doing in the bathroom. when they had, i did whatever i had to, and was out on street at 9.30.

i got on the bus. and it turned out my wallet was at home. got off at the next stop. walked back. got my wallet. started everything from the beginning.

i was 2 hrs late. the service was still on. so i was happily standing at the back and contemplating stuff about the church as a place, and church as a community, and church as christ, and came to some interesting insights:

first, today’s gospel reading is about jesus making a whip out of ropes and chasing out the livestock (and traders) from the temple, and upsetting the money-changers’ tables, and scattering coins, and generally not being the neat pale spiritual lad most of the films feature. this made me think of jesus telling ppl, like if they want to sacrifice sth, let it be of their own: not bought. not ‘exchanged’. not out of season. let the sacrifices be from what they have, let those that worship god, do it in truth – and let this truthful attitude spread from the relationships with the deity to the relationships with humanity.

and then my thought wandered on. about how the church has stagnated in the normality, and left out  most of the people jesus cared for. like, a normal church building, it is hardly accessible for mothers with prams, invalids, old people; the place is also not very friendly to toddlers, kids, tired or sad people, because those people disturb the normality.

if jesus is the little kid they say he is at christmas, then how does the church accept him? by being happy? or by hushing him and his mother? what has to change, for the church to acceept the living christ, the chaos this babe brings with himself?

then the service was over, and all the things done, and i left with a friend to check on her computer who had gone strange. the computer fixed, and after a decent nice talk, i left for the transport.

and then i dived into the asphalt again. the pavement was splashed from the street-puddle, and the ice was covered with water, and there was no friction whatsoever.

so now i sport two raw knees, one sprained upper leg (lightly), one skinless right palm, one sprained right wrist (medium), one bluish left palm. and i feel sore all over.

so you can ask, what is green and red and black all over? that’s me.

so now i soak my bruises and sprains in cheap vodka, and hope the future will be a better place. because the now is right where i do not want to be.

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