the sheer size of it (soo.. the word of today iiiiiiissss…)


which, apparently lived in caves and was of comparable size to the cave lion and bear. probably either bigger or better armed, as it had to compete for habitat with the carnivores mentioned above.

nobody is quite sure of what they ate, and their place in the great food chain of the ice age remains undisclosed. it looks like they were hunted to extinction by the cavemen (actually, by the cavewomen) who attacked the beast from behind. they later shared the meat with the cavemen, but kept the pretty tails and skins, and so on as fashionable accessories. given that the cavemen were not particularly bright, they did not know how passionate fashion can get.

so here i have a little diagram of cave rabbit, with important parts labelled accordingly.

cave rabbit diagram


(from my class; a student: well, i think rabbits are those that live in the cave)

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