a contemplation of the continuity of life in the light of certain strategy games

maybe- and maybe again –
we will not die, but continue   a picture of a poem
on a starless path, through
rejection and guesses, till
that one final moment of in-
decision, incision, cutting so deep
into the texture of dreams that
the truth will come out

like so much infected flesh, like
a question no-one dared to ask,
like a task never completed,
the always-known will come out
of our wounds of transition, of our
desperate awarenesses, that eternal engine
which propels all souls to the quest
of eternity… maybe we will not die

but see how we change, from
static chrysalises to new-fangled
Zerg. from a moment of summoning
to a living building, we shall be warped, changed, restructured.

and then we shall redeem


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