april 11, 2012 (it’s because i ran out of imagination)

  • the april sun has melted the snows. mostly.
  • the sparrows run round with huge fluffy visages of feathers and bits of string if they can get any.
From http://www.itsnature.org/
  • the starlings wreak havoc on lawns, and mayhem in the branches of the trees they consider their home now.
  • the crows have finished building the nests, and now indulge in acceptable synchronous trick flying wing to wing.
  • the ravens sing songs of endearment over any reachable forest. their possible  wives probably listen.
  • the crocodiles of my imagination immerse themselves in huge fantasy rivers. only the ever-watchful eyes are left out.
  • the he-birches get ready to court the she-birches with pollen.
  • the hazels have already done that.
  • the herring gulls, and the common gulls, and the gulls that are just one sort of gull or another, laugh, deride and lament the morning sun and the evening dusk.
  • the students write tests.
  • i contemplate photography but don’t seem to be able to get up relevantly early.
  • the sky is still on the bluer side.

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