a little story in song (this also has some of the latvian-ness feeling in it)

the long-eared hare heats the sauna when it is dusk.
when the wandering moon looks through the fir-trees, the mother-hare brings her brood to the sauna.
let us wash our ears, so they can hear. let us wash or eyes, so they can see far. let us wash our legs, so they can run so fleet.

the blunt-eared doggie  has his evening run in the meadow.
what is it moving about in the mist? he must see it, he must investigate.

oh, little children, run, run as fast as you can, so the naughty one does not catch you.

bow-wow. leap, leap. bow-wow. leap, leap. bow-wow. leap, leap. 

do not cry, little one, be quiet now; close the tired windows. the white cloud will snow you with sleep like slow-falling flakes, they will cover you with quiet fleeces, that shimmer like stars.

sleep now, little one, till the next morning comes.

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