the goose knows the magnetic poles, and can fly at night, navigating through weather and time, rain and wind, finding the track their parents have shown them only once before. the goose knows which grasses are good, which grains help you grow, how to build nest so that the younglings are safe, and where to […]

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tāpat vien, kad mākoņi velk vagas debesīs

pelēki balti mākoņu nagi tirkīza tīrskaņas debesīs es tevis neatradu tu biji apklusis. tagad jasmīna smaržām rakstu uz platānas lapām tādu kā vēstuli – gan vējš aiznesīs manas skaņas gar taviem mēmajiem logiem; un mēness pārskries tumšlapu kokus un cauri laikiem sikspārņi dziedās par to, kā aizmirsušie klusumā aiziet, nespēdami savus gabalus salasīt ilgu pustumsā.

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midsummer memories

midsummer has come, and gone, like every year. they say, the summer has started. isn’t it funny, summer starting at midsummer? but this post is not about that. i actually do not know what it is about, lol. maybe, about memories. not  particularly about actual midsummers, rather about… yes… hmm.. the theme of this post is […]

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june moments

breathing the sound of rain under the maples; listening to the fragrances of freshly dried hay. the starlings do business in the wormier spots, all dressed in black, all so preoccupied.

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how all the complex things strive for simplicity, and the simple cannot be called primitive

looking into the quiet white night full of fragrances, looking at the wild-roses, i think. i think of plants. and i think in rhetorical questions. the worshippers of progress write in their books that plants are primitive. they do not move, and they do not talk, or do any of the things the ‘sophisticated’ or […]

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the motionless, silent moments of solitude. a treasure beyond words. these have to be hoarded.

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the perfect suspense and antithesis

one of my all-time favourite writers, Douglas Adams, explained the essential existential things succinctly, thus: “We are the ones who will hear,” said Phouchg, “the answer to the great question of Life …!” “The Universe …!” said Loonquawl. “And Everything …!” “Shhh,” said Loonquawl with a slight gesture, “I think Deep Thought is preparing to […]

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