midsummer memories

midsummer has come, and gone, like every year. they say, the summer has started. isn’t it funny, summer starting at midsummer?

but this post is not about that. i actually do not know what it is about, lol. maybe, about memories. not  particularly about actual midsummers, rather about… yes… hmm.. the theme of this post is best described as music. choir music in particular.

there is this thing about latvians, they are supposed to be a singing nation (like the welsh, i guess, and estonians, too… and many other little nations with great hearts, i’m sure). or rather, they used to be a singing nation, before the mass media untaught them to sing. but there still are those who… sing. they gather for the love of song, it is a sort of addiction, something one cannot quite quit, ever.

i am a listener. i listen to songs. i listen to music. well… i listen to almost anything, really. because sounds have colour, and shape, and taste. i can (and do) get drunk on sounds.

and classical choir music is multicoloured and beautiful. it is not just the harmony of sound. it is the harmony of souls. i can only compare listening to choir music to the feeling of being a tree. the roots grow deep into the ground. the branches spread out to touch the heaven. and all this, the heaven, the earth, the tree – is one. it all makes a whole.

this is a song about the sun rising, and shining into the rooms, and illuminating whoever lives there. and, of course, it shines of the girl, so the boy sees her and can fall in love. so midsummer.

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