this month will have changes in it. i am changing my habitat to the more urban Sarkandaugava. i am sorry for the birds, i’ll miss them, and i’m sure they’ll miss me i am not sorry for the people of the flat i rented the room in. let them [eat] drink and [make merry] fight, […]

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probably lol

the little academic me was waiting for the tram an academic thought entered my mind, i sat down on the bench at the tram stop to write it down. there had been quite a lot of rain. the bench was covered 3/4 inch in water. i guess, i sat down in a puddle. probably, it […]

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the music inside you becomes unbearably beautiful, and all you can do is harmonise with it in your soul, the spirit lifts all over, and beyond the knowledge, and the stories, and the experiences, and you are slightly more than the known universe, and the universe that is you, is slightly more than the sum […]

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i like pigs. they are tidy, intelligent, polite, quiet, and the smell is not that much if they get enough space to get clean and so on. it is impossible to understand drunken uneducated russians. just impossible.

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it is past midnight. a kid roller-skates on the concrete flag(stones) down under my window. the trees listen tot he syncopated, jagged noises, and keep on being green. some russians abuse some others, and there is a girl who shouts nonsense to too much drink. the common gulls laugh eerily in their nightmares. don’t some of […]

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the starlings have eaten the juneberries. all of them, all overnight. oh, my favourite berries, all gone. i guess i am somewhat upset.

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a little bit about birds and gardens

this is a translation from “Dīvainā karaļvalsts” (The strange kingdom) by J. Rubenis. i kinda found it a little bit inspiring. especially the bird part. PUTNU SARUNA Reiz divi putni pils dārzā savā starpā sarunājās. “Bruņinieks saprot putnu valodu un ir nelaimīgs, jo viņš arī grib būt putns,” teica viens. “Vērojot putnus, viņš ir iemācījies […]

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the afternoon

after torrential rainfall for a few hours, the sun came out again. half a dozen little wet birdies turned up at my window (some sparrows, some tits, and some little drenched bunches of feather) and started to work upon the mosquito nets in my windows, tittering and twittering, and being rather industrious. they did manage to make […]

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4.12 a.m. some crazy bird wakes up and sings like there’s no tomorrow. 4.30 a.m. the local gull community decides to have a roll call. 4.50 a.m. the gulls fall silent but the crows wake up and do the same. 4.55 a.m. some mad neighbour is smoking worse than a factory chimney. 5.15 a.m. the […]

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two days

i have been meeting people over the past two days. great people, friendly.  fun to be with. and just like from sunshine, i treasure the diving into the quiet dark cool waters of solitude again. i treasure the sunshine, the warmth and geniality it offers. i treasure the water for coolness and refreshing capacities. both […]

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apparently it is an addiction

apparently, translation has some features of addiction about it. because i am doing it again. it looks like i am embarking upon a translation of wizard’s first rule by Terry Goodkind. it is one of the really cool books of the past century. regardless of what some people who do not read might say. and also, i will be watching the […]

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july 11

well. i have been working on a little post about the logistic of friendship, but i still need references and  so on, and better late than unfinished. friendship will not vanish suddenly overnight (thinketh me). therefore, this: especially the variations towards the end.

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it is done

i have finally finished the translation (with rereading and all) this is where i go to sleep. praise be to the PTB the weather has cooled down, and i will have sleep.

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july 9

the oriole sings through the fragrance of lindens on full bloom. the thunder travels horizons. i wait for the dark, when the bat song will cut the night precariously.

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july 8

translation, it turns out, is not only the work, work, work i have ever known it is. it is also like deep sea diving. if the immersion procedure is hastened, the narcotic effect does not last long, and the resurfacing brings a caisson disease of sorts with it. it is best to immerse slowly and stay […]

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